• Operational and technical inspection

Operational and technical inspection

Operational and technical inspection


The “operational and technical inspection of premises and vehicles” courses from the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” are a great opportunity to learn in practice all the nuances of operational monitoring and the algorithms for conducting tech inspection.

Avoiding a threat is the priority in bodyguard work, which is why the main bodyguard job is the ability to properly conduct OTI.

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Training and practical courses on OTI are the exhaustive amount of information and specific knowledge that are not in the public domain!


The purpose of the operational-technical inspection is to search for different types of bookmarks (explosive appliances, IED, explosive components, etc.) After completing the courses, you will not only know, but also be able to carry out OTI using the correct algorithms. Your actions will be safe and rational. According to these algorithms, you will be able to carry out OTI of premises and vehicles.


Beginning of the course


Duration of training

we specify the date or write to you; classes begin as the group is filled.


SSTTC “SEAL” can organize a course in your area.

Details of the organization can be clarified by phone specified in the contact section.

At the end of the course, cadets receive a Certificate of the Center for Survival and Special Training “SEAL” on the successful completion of individual training on safe handling and combat use of the tactical battle rifle.

Cost of education


Number of participants

from 10 people


Training courses have been developed by instructors of the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” to train personal security personnel in the practical methods of OTI of premises and vehicles of a protected person, to increase the effectiveness of countering threats using explosive devices and components.


Training cadets in operational-technical inspection of stationary and mobile objects for the presence of explosive and listening devices. Improving the professional training of personal security personnel.


  • bodyguards;
  • drivers are bodyguards;
  • lifeguard groups.


The training is carried out by solving specific situations and tasks (a case-study method) and contains cases from the personal practice of the instructors of the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL”. This will allow cadets to study the technique and tactics of operational-technical actions in various situations and apply the acquired skills in practice.


  • Operational psychology and basics of external observation;
  • Preliminary events. Organization and statement of tasks for the group of OTI.
  • Identification of explosive appliances and IED of the industrial type;
  • Detection of toxic and radioactive substances;
  • Identification of damages of the vehicles;
  • Identification of technical means of information retrieval
  • Methods of localizing information leakage channels;
  • Features of operational and technical inspection of the premises, entrance, staircase;
  • Features of inspection of the vehicle of the protected person;
  • Verification of correspondence, items and gifts received by a protected person
  • Act of OTI. Compilation rules;
  • Technical means for conducting OTI;
  • The algorithm of actions of personal security personnel in the event of detection of the explosive appliances


  • At the courses on operational and technical inspection of transport and premises, you will become familiar with the basics of the theory of explosives.
  • Consider the tactics of criminal elements when conducting attacks with the use of explosive appliances.
  • Find out in what order it is necessary to survey the buildings, terrain and transport of a protected person.
  • Get practical recommendations on the physical search for explosive devices during the inspection of premises and a protected person’s vehicle during an increased terrorist threat.
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