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License instructor collections

April 05 - 06, 2019, the SEAL Survival and Special Training Center (the SSTT Center "SEAL") held Licensing Instructor Meetings.

Instructor Licensing fees — an annual mandatory event at which members of the SSTT Center "SEAL" are given the right to receive the title and qualification "THE INSTRUCTOR". Members of the Center who already have the appropriate qualifications receive a license from the SSTT Center "SEAL" for the right to conduct instructor-teaching activities on behalf of the SSTT Center "SEAL". Licenses are confirmed annually.

Thus, the SSTT Center "SEAL" monitors its professional image, constantly improves the qualifications of its elite, monitors the "purity" of its ranks and cuts off the possibility of unlawful use of the name of the Center and its symbols by fraudsters and crooks of various "stripes" and calibers.

We inform you that at the license meetings of instructors - 2019, the qualifications of the instructors were confirmed and licenses for the right to engage in instructor activities on behalf of the SSTT Center "SEAL" were received by 20 people and 1 woman.

The instructor specializations for which the Center’s licenses were issued are as follows:

  • Tactical medicine
  • Tactics of small groups
  • Tactical and fire training
  • Combat diving
  • Parachute training
  • Survival
  • Intelligence from open sources
  • Operational work
  • Technical protection of information
  • Personal protection, security guard
  • Private security
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Self-defense
  • Aquathlon, fighting underwater
  • Child safety

The survival and special training center “SEAL” (the SSTT Center "SEAL") addresses all interested parties -consistent physical and legal persons who intend to use the services of the Center instructors: Please, for the sake of your safety and high quality of services, verify the qualifications and the actual instructor belonging to the the SSTT Center "SEAL". Each Instructor of the Center has a personal number, Center Tokens (“Dog Tag”) and instructor certificate.

You have the right to demand their presentation! It is possible to check the instructor by submitting a request by e-mail or by mobile phone, which is indicated on our website.