Thematic training for weapon owners

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Do you want to improve your weapon skills? Do you need special shooting training? Doesn’t the topic you are interested in studied at seminars and courses?

Whatever your purpose, you have come to the destination!

The Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” conducts thematic training with weapons according to individual customer requirements, taking into account the various specifics of the activity.

When organizing courses for weapon owners, the instructors of the Center use an exclusively individual approach to each client and develop relevant programs that meet global standards.

The Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” can organize courses, training, and seminars of any complexity and on any subject with regards to weapons and special training. Our arsenal has a large number of exclusive programs focused on different levels of training, which are suitable not only for beginners but also for professionals.


Beginning of the course


Duration of training

we specify the date or write to you; classes begin as the group is filled.


SSTTC “SEAL” can organize a course in your area.

Details of the organization can be clarified by phone specified in the contact section.

At the end of the course, cadets receive a Certificate of the Center for Survival and Special Training “SEAL” on the successful completion of individual training on safe handling and combat use of the tactical battle rifle.

Cost of education


Number of participants

from 10 people

The course programs for gun owners are designed for both individual training and group training.

At the request of the “Customer”, we can organize a training course for weapons owners on the following topics:

  • Shooting from cover with various types of weapons;
  • Tactical movements;
  • Level change;
  • Working with weapons from the car and other topics.

The content of the training programs is adapted to your requirements and sent exclusively upon your request!

Fill out an online application or register at the phone number specified in "Contacts".