Armed defense of the home and family

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“My house is my fortress” says an old saying, but is it true in Ukraine? By what means and how can we defend ourselves if the most precious thing for us is under threat?

Everything you need to know about the legal aspects of protecting your home and family can be found on the home and family protection course from the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL”!


The legal protection course for home and family was developed by the specialists of the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” based on practical skills, accumulated work experience and analysis of practical situations of self-defense.

We offer you not just a theory-based course, but a comprehensive training program based on practical experience and taking into account many “little things” unknown to a wide range of people. The knowledge gained from us is relevant and applicable in real life.


Beginning of the course


Duration of training

we specify the date or write to you; classes begin as the group is filled.


SSTTC “SEAL” can organize a course in your area.

Details of the organization can be clarified by phone specified in the contact section.

At the end of the course, cadets receive a Certificate of the Center for Survival and Special Training “SEAL” on the successful completion of individual training on safe handling and combat use of the tactical battle rifle.

Cost of education


Number of participants

from 10 people


You can clearly understand how and by what means it is possible to protect the most precious thing - your loved ones and your home. And at the same time, to do this so that self-defense does not become an excuse for criminal prosecution, and the offender does not “win back” the situation in his favor.

In the process of training, the instructors of the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” will give you theoretical and practical skills to protect your home and family, help you with the choice of means and methods of protection, and warn against common mistakes that, alas, often happen in real life.


  • Isolated “theoretical self-defense in a vacuum”;
  • “Bad advice”, not tested by practice, including law enforcement.;
  • Collections of situations with a happy end.


The course on the legal foundations of home protection includes tactical conflict scenarios that most often occur in everyday life.


  • For all owners of weapons, as well as citizens who are interested in ensuring personal safety and the safety of loved ones;
  • For those who want to protect their property and not violate the law.


The training is carried out by experienced instructors with many years of practical experience in possession of both military weapons and the firearms of limited defeat.


The training is carried out by experienced instructors with many years of practical experience in possession of both military weapons and the firearms of limited defeat..

Theoretical block:

  • Legal educational program regarding necessary defense and other situations that exclude criminal liability for lawful military actions.
  • Recommendations on choosing tools to protect home and family.
  • The choice of protection measures depending on the threat: what is the difference between theft and assault with intent to rob?
  • The proper maintenance of weapons and special equipment is correct: the balance between speed of use and storage requirements.
  • Passive means of home protection: alarm, video surveillance, “smart home” and “room-fortress”.
  • The answer to the question “what if my wife takes my gun to protect the house from thieves?' A bit of emergency.
  • The concept of situations when the use of any means of protection is permissible. “The house is a “fortress.” And what if I'm at the country house?”
  • The theoretical basis for the safety of an apartment, a private house and a family - which should not be done.

You can ask all the questions of interest to the coach regarding the protection of your home and family in the final part of the theoretical block, which will take place in a question-answer format.

Practical block:

  • The algorithm of actions for each member of the family when protecting their home or apartment from thieves and other intruders.
  • Training in the methods of quick extraction and use of weapons in cases of home protection from uninvited guests. “Charged-Not Charged” or a little about the readiness for firing.
  • Methods of storing weapons. Law and practice of rapid application.
  • Training in shooting wisely so as not to hurt yourself and not harm the uninjured.
  • The choice of weapons and ammunition for self-defense.
  • The specifics of “shooting practice” in enclosed spaces.


The skills gained on course on the legal fundamentals of home protection will allow you to significantly increase the level of personal safety and the safety of your loved ones, act confidently in situations where the bill goes by for a second, and the cost of an error can be very high.


A significant part of citizens believes that in any case involving damage to the attacker, a citizen who defends himself from an attack will go to jail. Why did you get this opinion? Because 90% of people are not familiar with the legal basis of armed defense at home. Moreover, almost everyone is ready to defend their loved ones and their housing by any means, without properly assessing the consequences of their actions. So, domestic conflicts often develop into shooting or stabbing, and in situations where the use of weapons would be justified, the victim of the attack often hesitates with an adequate response to the attack.

At the same time, our legislation allows us to defend ourselves in situations where even the legislation of some states in the USA forces us to by all means avoid the use of force. And this is not counting the cases when improper behavior after the conflict turns the “perspective” situation from law into openly hopeless.

The Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” believes that everyone must know the legal foundations of armed defense at home! Because it is the most important component of the concept of personal security.

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