Legal fundamentals of self-defense

Legal fundamentals of self-defense Iimage

In the USA they say: “I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”. However, why go to such an extreme if the private defense in Ukraine is not only legal but also guaranteed by the Constitution?

Unfortunately, many harmful “myths” have arisen around this topic, while useful knowledge about the right to protect oneself and loved ones often remains unknown even to those who are required to know about it.

Do you want to understand all the intricacies of the necessary defense?

Welcome to the most popular course on legal aspects of self-defense from the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL”!


The course “Legal Aspects of Self-Defense” is a comprehensive training program developed based on the personal experience of instructors at the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” and analysis of practical situations of self-defense.

The training includes not only theory but also an extended workshop, which provides an explanation of the legal aspects of the use of self-defense techniques and takes into account many “trifles” unknown to a wide circle of people.

The knowledge that you will master in the course of studying the course of the legal foundations of self-defense is 100% relevant, practical and applicable in real life.


Beginning of the course


Duration of training

we specify the date or write to you; classes begin as the group is filled.


SSTTC “SEAL” can organize a course in your area.

Details of the organization can be clarified by phone specified in the contact section.

At the end of the course, cadets receive a Certificate of the Center for Survival and Special Training “SEAL” on the successful completion of individual training on safe handling and combat use of the tactical battle rifle.

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Number of participants

from 10 people


You will learn what necessary defense is and how to use this right with minimal risks of criminal liability for your actions. We will consider not only the “dry theory”, but we will also explain to you the provisions that are ambiguously described in the legislation of Ukraine regarding situations where harm to the attacker is legal and not fraught with liability. You will clearly determine the measure of acceptable impact on the attacker and designate the notorious “limits of justifiable defence” for yourself, as well as learn how to assess situations and make the right decisions on the fly.


For all owners of weapons, as well as citizens who are interested in ensuring personal safety and the safety of loved ones.


The training is conducted by experienced instructors who have many years of practical experience in the field of law and the application of existing legislation, also who are versed in the practical aspects of the use of weapons and special equipment.


The curriculum of the legal framework for self-defense contains the following topics:

  • Legal educational program regarding the necessary defense and other situations that exclude criminal;
  • liability for lawful military actions;
  • When does legal defense take place, and when does not?;
  • What is the excess of necessary defense measures and how to prevent it?;
  • The concept of situations when the use of any means of protection is permissible;
  • The answer to the question is “what if my wife takes my gun for protection?” A little about the right to self-defense and emergency;
  • “You are your own policeman” or when it’s permissible to detain a criminal and how to do it.;
  • Recommendations for choosing self-defense tools. An objective assessment of their strengths and weaknesses in terms of application consequences. Tips for selecting “a personal arsenal” depending on situations and threats;
  • “Legends and bad advice” - what should not be done and who should not be trusted;
  • Communication with law enforcement agencies and behavior in cases where you had to use force to protect yourself and others. How not to go to prison without reason;
  • “Feedback session” on some practical situations of self-defense, taking into account the prevailing practice.


The skills gained in the course “Legal Aspects of Essential Defense” will allow you to significantly increase the level of personal safety and the safety of your loved ones, to act confidently in situations where there is something of a time issue here, and the cost of error can be very high. Knowledge will allow you to act correctly from the very beginning and take advantage of the opportunities that are guaranteed to us by current legislation.

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