Women's self-defense training

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They say that female strength is in weakness, but in everyday life, there is another popular expression – “There are enough freaks.”

Alas, every girl or woman can be the target of robbery or violence. Attacks on women are mainly carried out either for robbery or for sexual violence.

There is a stereotype that a woman cannot resist an attacking man. In most cases, this is true, but if a girl is psychologically and physically prepared, the situation can change dramatically.

Every girl is obliged to be able to protect herself!

The Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” conducts a self-defense course for women, and suggests you not to be a victim, but to become a winner!


After completing the course of women`s self-defense, you will know what to do in case of attacks!

You will learn how to control your fear and fight back your opponent; correctly and quickly assess the situation, apply the methods of female self-defense; learn the release from grabs, the correct attack, and competent defense. You can turn any item from your purse into a self-defense tool (a pen, a nail file, a credit card, an umbrella, a phone, etc.) by learning the basics of working with objects.


Beginning of the course


Duration of training

we specify the date or write to you; classes begin as the group is filled.


SSTTC “SEAL” can organize a course in your area.

Details of the organization can be clarified by phone specified in the contact section.

At the end of the course, cadets receive a Certificate of the Center for Survival and Special Training “SEAL” on the successful completion of individual training on safe handling and combat use of the tactical battle rifle.

Cost of education


Number of participants

from 10 people


The course of women`s self-defense will help women to avoid threatening situations and will give the necessary basic skills of self-defense; it will allow to check these skills and solidify knowledge in conditions as close as possible to reality. It will develop the necessary reactions and skills to successfully repel an attack that surpasses you in enemy forces, including an armed attack.


ONLY WOMAN! The course is specially designed for women, taking into account the physiological and psychological characteristics of the instructors of the SSTT Center “SEAL”. Any of the tricks of this course will be able to repeat even the most fragile girl!


Female self-defense training includes the following topics:

  • psychological types of the attacker and how to work with them;
  • psychological methods of defense against attack;
  • rules of conduct in hazardous situations;
  • resistance techniques;
  • actions under different conditions of attack (on the street, in an apartment, an entrance, in an elevator, a car, etc.);
  • release from captures in narrow space;
  • protection using improvised means;
  • ways to protect against attacks with any weapon: a gunshot, cold arms, items that are used as weapons;
  • self-defense in different positions (standing, sitting, lying, near the wall);
  • the use of self-defense: a stun gun, a gas spray, a traumatic pistol;
  • legal aspects of the use of improvised self-defense tools.


As a result of taking a self-defense training course for women, you gain confidence and psychologically be prepared for dangerous situations. You also learn to quickly assess the situation, the degree of threat and make the right decisions. You will develop the physical skill of defensive and attacking movements. You will be able to stand for yourself if necessary.


phone.: (050) 270-77-66, (098) 270-77-66