Direction instructors The instructors of the Survival and Special Training Center “SEAL” confirm their qualifications at the obligatory annual international Licensed Instructor Fees (LIS).

Thus, the Survival and Special Training Center “SEAL” works on its professional image, constantly improves the qualifications of its elite, monitors the “cleanliness” of its ranks and cuts off the possibility of unlawful use of the name of the Center and its symbols by fraudsters and crooks of various “colors” and calibers.

Professionalism, Responsibility, Honesty - the principles that guide us in our work!

High-potential employees have been created at the Center, consisting of highly professional instructors in the fields of:

Инструкторы по направлениям
  • TCCC & TECC Instructor;
  • Small Units Tactics Instructor;
  • Tactical Shooting Instructor;
  • Combat Diving Instructor;
  • Survival Instructor;
  • Civil Intelligence Instructor;
  • Detective, Operative Work Іnstructor;
  • TSCM Specialist;
  • Close Protection Instructor;
  • Private Security Instructor;
  • Hand-to-hand Instructor;
  • Combatives Instructor;
  • Self-defense Instructor;
  • Aquathlon Instructor,

As well as other areas in the fields of combat and tactical and special training, survival in various extreme situations, non-state, international and maritime security, etc.

The Survival and Special Training Center “SEAL” (the SSTC “SEAL”) draws the attention of all interested individuals and legal entities and offers, for your safety and high quality of service, to check the qualifications and valid affiliation of the instructor of the SSTC “SEAL”. Each Instructor of the Center has its Personal Number, Dog Tokens of the Center (“Dog Tag”) and a plastic Instructor's license. You have the right to demand their presentation! It is possible to identify the instructor by submitting a request by e-mail or phone numbers indicated on our website.