Key directions


Main directions of the SSTC “SEAL” carries out its activities (including on the international market) in the following main areas:

  • Security services for enterprises of various forms of ownership and individuals, support of their activities, audit.
  • Comprehensive protection of enterprises of various legal forms, including in the public sector.
  • Expert assessment of the level of potential and real threats, a comprehensive audit of security systems and security status.
  • Development of a security strategy and concept for the requirements of the “Customer”.
  • Physical security of VIPs and their families.
  • Audit of the personal protection of the “Customer”.
  • Detective activity.
  • Conducting private and corporate investigations, financial audits, verification of counterparties, analysis of the received data, forensic activity.
  • Licensed coursework preparations.
  • The holding of practical courses.
Основные направления

Научно-практические семинары, тренинги, интенсив-курсы и конференции по следующим дисциплинам:

  • Scientific and practical seminars, trainings, intensive courses and conferences in the following disciplines: Combat psychology.
  • Emotional-volitional self-regulation “EVSR” (Center’s own courses) Tactical training (actions of small tactical groups in various natural zones, on difficult terrain, in urban conditions, in the water area and in the coastal zone).
  • Tactical fire training, sniping school.
  • Army and police sections of hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting for law enforcement officers (training, advanced training).
  • Hand-to-hand combat for private security services (Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu).
  • Knife fight.
  • Bodyguard.
  • Physical security in high-risk areas
  • Diver-bodyguard (authoring of the Center, together with the Navy Academy of Ukraine named after Nakhimov in 2011-2013);
Лицензированная курсовая подготовка, проведение тренингов
Лицензированная курсовая подготовка, проведение тренингов
  • Special water training course for bodyguards (authoring of the Center).
  • Training of combat swimmers in the IAA “Combat Diving” program.
  • Anti-piracy. Armed representatives of non-state security services on board the vessel.
  • Tactical medicine in the war zone. Paramedicine.
  • Methods of survival in various extreme conditions, including in the combat zone, tactical and special training according to the profile of the customer's activity (“SEAL” School of Survival).
  • Extreme and contra-driving (Licences of the SSTC “SEAL”).
  • The course of advanced studies in the field of technical means of protection and protection from listening. Help in selecting equipment.

The enterprise also provides licensed training for specialists in the profession: “Security Guard” of I – III categories (KPU code: 5169), with the issuance of state-issued certificates valid throughout Ukraine.

The SEAL team includes a security company LLC Center for Survival and Special Training SEAL (License No. 642226 for security activities).

The Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL”provides comprehensive protection of high-risk facilities (oil/gas trunk):

  • patrol (physical) security;
  • perimeter security (equipment for security and protection).

One of the activities of the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL”is the development, production and wholesale/small-scale wholesale implementation of tactical equipment (uniform and munitions) of the ownTM "SEAL". These products of the company have been tested in combat conditions and extreme situations.

The Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” is a unique, own concept, methods, technologies and tactics of work in the field of security.

The company ensures confidentiality of negotiations and protection against UAVs (“drones”) entering the protected area.

Specialists of the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL”- use the best international experience in the field of security, based on the high professionalism of their employees.

Together with partners in the field of technical means of safety and security, the Survival And Special Training Tactics Center “SEAL” has implemented a number of significant projects to build large systems of video surveillance, access control and management, and to build radio relay and trunked communication systems to provide closed communication channels, both in Ukraine and Beyond.

Our experts can offer you not only standard projects but also exclusive, individual solutions to ensure the safety of the full life cycle of you and your business.